Investing in Others

As a leader, one of your primary roles is to invest in others. As one leadership thinker noted, ‘Leaders need followers, otherwise you are just taking a walk.’ One of the questions of introspection that every leader should ask on a regular basis is who am I investing in? Who is it that we are pouring into and building up as a person and as a leader. In the faith world, we must ask ourselves, who is it that we are discipling, or helping become more like Jesus? 

Investing in others is a risk. It does not always work. It does not always bring a return. Rarely does it bring appreciation. While this can be discouraging and frustrating, these are not the things that matter. Doing the right thing is what counts and it is critical that we as leaders invest in others, those who are or will be leaders and those who are not.

The great gift in investing in others is that we make a difference that goes beyond what we can do on our own. In investing in others, we are able to multiply our influence and see someone else excel in different ways. In investing in others, we leave a leadership legacy that will be more important and more significant than what we can do on our own. Who are you investing in?

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