We offer the following seminars to groups and organizations. Other seminars may be considered based on need, content and our ability to deliver something of excellence. If there is a seminar need that we are not able to meet, we will make suggestions of individuals, organizations or other resources that can. 

The most popular seminars are: Leading Change, Trends in Adolescent Development, Generational Understanding and Understanding Teenagers.

  • Leading Change
  • Trends in Adolescent Development
  • Understanding Teenagers/Adolescents/Young Adults
  • Understanding & Working with Millennials
  • Leading Change
  • Self-Care of Leaders
  • Leadership Principles
  • Understanding Staff Dynamics
  • Personality & Gift Seminars (includes inventories)
  • Changing Family Dynamics: Working with Parents & Families in Today’s Culture
  • Emerging Adult Development & Culture
  • Generational Understanding
  • Working with Middle school youth
  • Working with high school youth
  • Understanding & Managing adolescent behavior
  • Positive Discipline & Growth Mindset
  • Children, Youth & Family Ministry
  • Youth Retreats: Various Topics
  • Re-Thinking Confirmation
  • Youth Ministry 101
  • Children’s Ministry 101
  • Leadership in the church
  • Discipleship 
  • Developing Core Values, Mission & Vision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Building Community partnerships & collaboration
  • Defining and developing and organizational culture
  • Organizational Health
  • Healing after Misconduct or Betrayal
  • The False Gospel of Guilt and Shame
  • Others

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