Seminars we Offer

We offer the following seminars to groups and organizations. Other seminars may be considered based on need, content and our ability to deliver something of excellence. If there is a seminar need that we are not able to meet, we will make suggestions of individuals, organizations or other resources that can.

  • Leading Change
  • Trends in Adolescent Development
  • Understanding Teenagers/Adolescents/Young Adults
  • Understanding & Working with Millennials
  • Leading Change
  • Self-Care of Leaders
  • Leadership Principles
  • Understanding Staff Dynamics
  • Personality & Gift Seminars (includes inventories)
  • Changing Family Dynamics: Working with Parents & Families in Today’s Culture
  • Emerging Adult Development & Culture
  • Generational Understanding
  • Working with Middle school youth
  • Working with high school youth
  • Understanding & Managing adolescent behavior
  • Positive Discipline & Growth Mindset
  • Children, Youth & Family Ministry
  • Youth Retreats: Various Topics
  • Re-Thinking Confirmation
  • Youth Ministry 101
  • Children’s Ministry 101
  • Leadership in the church
  • Discipleship 
  • Developing Core Values, Mission & Vision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Building Community partnerships & collaboration
  • Defining and developing and organizational culture
  • Organizational Health
  • Healing after Misconduct or Betrayal
  • The False Gospel of Guilt and Shame
  • Others

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