The Value of Like-Minded Leaders

One could and should never underestimate the value of having like-minded leaders in your life. In fact, all leaders need such people. In some cases, finding like-minded leaders in a role similar to your own, especially locally can be very difficult. I have found this to be especially true being in a more rural area and having and outside the mainstream (of the church at least) perspective on leadership. That said, I have worked hard to be around, connect with, talk with and learn from those locally and not who are like minded. Recently, I got to have lunch with someone that I had met, but not gotten to know. They were someone who those who are close to me said would be a great, like-minded connection for me. The bonus was that this person has an almost identical role to my own. Our lunch conversation was great and was a gift, with both of us recognizing that it is hard to find like minded people in our role. It gives me hope! Be sure that you have like minded leaders in your life to listen to, be with, encourage and learn from, it is essential!

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